About the Show

A frontier is defined as “an outer limit in a field of endeavor, especially one in which the opportunities for development have not been exploited”. For centuries, storytellers have served as both entertainers and illuminators…utilizing the communicative means of the day to reach the hearts and minds of their respective communities. Today, these mediums are varied and ever-changing. They give true artists the opportunity to share what is within their hearts and minds.

Film, television, comic books, animation, novels, and video games…storytelling presentation and distribution are so varied that these “fictional frontiers” are now synonymous with popular culture. Mainstream audiences worldwide want to learn more about these efforts and more about the creative talent behind them. Hence, the initial reason for launching Fictional Frontiers.

Launched June 8, 2008, Fictional Frontiers is a half-hour journey through the comic/novel, film, and television universes. Chatting with industry leaders, host Sohaib Awan (a voting member of the Broadcast Television Journalists Association) delves into the nuances and backstories of today’s seminal projects in pop culture entertainment.